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Spot-On 106A/OC Austin Prime Mover With MGA

£595.00 (Sold out)

Issued 1960-64

Prime Mover.  This highly sort after commercial comes with a dark blue cab and silver trailer with dark blue edging and base. The interior is off white with red four pronged steering wheel with number plates reading  Along the trailer sides reads 'The British Motor Corporation Ltd' The number plates read 'TPO 106'. Trailer header board in sealed bag.

Condition  Near Mint  
The blue cab area has only the tiniest mark with nice glazing and full side of cab transfers. The front number plate is part missing. The black winch area is operable with a little marking over the wheel arches where 'metal meet metal'. The wheels tyres and base are great.
The trailer section  has a little rubbed area near the rivet pin and only minor marks besides. The blue edging very nice, again part of the rear number plate has gone. Complete side transfers except one 'd'. The trailer base is very nice including the mounted spare.

MGA.  The MGA is in peppermint with a cream interior and three pronged red steering wheel. The number plates read 'BMP 104'.

The paintwork is beautiful and there are full number plates. A perfect windscreen too. The wheels are not as shiny as from new but a little cleaning attention may bring them to a brighter appearance. Many collectors would accept as mint. The cream crate has full labels and like new.

Box & Packing
The box is complete with no broken corners or repairs. The box lid is excellent with some age grubbiness -selotape residue marks and minor touches of surface loss. It has full end of box identity. The box base again has no broken corners or repairswith surface loss at each base end where selotape has been removed.  Also in excellent condition. The internal packing piece is age stained but complete. Also is a Prime Mover collectors card and a 'Five reasons leaflet'.

A lovely pair of models and not easy to find so nice. The winch in full working order.

More pictures available on request.