Diecast Gems


Spot-On 109/2 E.R.F. 68G with Flat Load

£660.00 (Sold out)

Finished in pale green with silver chassis and cast wheelsthis model has an off white interiorand number plates which read 'LTP 103'

Condition   Very, Near Mint  
Superb condition and many would accept as mint. There is no chipping just occasional minimal marks and probably from manufacture. Complete number plates both front and back. A beautiful example and the best I have seen.

Box   Near Mint +
This is a very nice box. The box top is superb , very fresh and no damage with full labelling. The base has some scuffing but strong and complete. The inner packing piece is now age stained but still complete. There is a collectors picture card which is mint with no creasing and ann equally nice 'Five Reasons' leaflet.

About as nice as you will find. A wonderful scarce model and box.