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Spot-On 161 Land Rover L.W.B. Issued 1960-63.

£150.00 (Sold out)

Spot-On 161 Land Rover L.W.B. Issued 1960-63.

This example is in pale grey with a white roof and matching interior. It has a three pronged black steering wheel, a pale grey base and the number plates read 'SGM 102' There is a rear mounted and bonnet mounted spare wheel and suspension.

Condition. Very Near Mint.
A lovely bright clean example looking like new. There is marking around the front left bumper corner. So common but under spray around each side window middle and upper section. It sports full number plates and very nice silvering. A little factory wisp of silvering to right of radiator. Superb wheels, base and tyres. This model has genuinely barely seen the light of day.

Box. Excellent Plus-Near Mint.
A complete box with firm flaps and no repairs. One end flap has a tear not at the seam but across the flap itself which you may wish to repair. A very nice condition collectors card is within.

A very presentable example of this model.