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Spot-On 184 Austin A60 with ski's. Rare Colour. Issued 1963-67.

£300.00 (Sold out)

Spot-On 184 Austin A60 with ski's. Issued 1963-67.

Rare colour.

I think it is worth mentioning that this model could be controversial with some.
This model was supposedly never done with side coach lines and if you read the latest 'Ultimate Spot-On' book there is comment on page 115 about this. However I believe the model is genuine and this opinion has been confirmed by two other Spot-On enthusiasts but not all may agree. Everything about the model apart suggests no interference. The rear number plate as a slide on transfer split when done but is complete. It has 'AA' & 'RAC' badges and the 'tax disc'.

Stunning in turquoise blue with a white coach line it also has a white interior, three pronged black steering wheel and a pair of ski's and poles in the roof rack. The base is lighter grey. The number plates read 'LBL 100'.

Condition. About Mint.
Tiny rub on one corner of the chrome bumpera and the transfer rear number plate split but complete. Superb in every way. Perfect tyres, wheels and base and nice to have the early picture box.

Box. Near Mint.
A very nice box with no damage or repairs. One side flap has an impression hole. There is a 'six reasons why' leaflet inside.

Very rare and superb and I must admit hard to value. Could be an absolute steal. Museum quality.