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Spot-On 191/1 Sunbeam Alpine Hardtop. Issued 1961-66.

£230.00 (Sold out)

Spot-On 191/1 Sunbeam Alpine Hardtop. Issued 1961-66.

A blue body with black hard top this example has a lemon interior and silver three pronged steering wheel. For some reason this colour is not listed in the Ultimate Spot On book and not sure why as I have two therefore not likely to be hard colour. It has a medium grey base. Number plates read 'MLP 119'.

Condition. Almost Mint.
Probably as it left the factory most would say mint.A tiniest of marks to side of right headlamp and that is all I can see. Lovely paint work as is the silvering.Nice shiny wheels and tyres and base very good. Complete number plates and nice windscreen.

Box. Excellent Plus.
A very nice box complete with a fold in one end flap and a repair to the other but the box retains a fresh appearance. It has a blue spot at the descriptive end.  A very nice box.

About as good as they come with a nice box.