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Spot-On 191 Scarce Pink Sunbeam Alpine Convertible.

£180.00 (Sold out)

Spot-On 191 Scarce Pink Sunbeam Alpine Convertible. Issued 1961-66. Excellent Plus.

In scarce pink with a cream interior and silver steering wheel. The number plates read 'BMP 104'.

Condition. Excellent Plus.
There is little chipping just some box rubbing on high door edges. The windscreen is nice and it displays full number plates front and rear. A little loss to silvering but still nice. Main fault to downgrade is that the paintwork has discolored around edges reducing the bright pink colour. Whether sun fading or a pigment deterioration over time I am not sure. Still looks great.

Box. Excellent Plus.
A complete box with all flaps though one end flap has received some invisible tape. Slight crease but overall good shape.

A scarce colour and presentable model.