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Spot-On 191 Sunbeam Alpine Convertible. Issued 1961-66.

£150.00 (Sold out)

Spot-On 191 Turquoise Sunbeam Alpine Convertible. Issued 1961-66. Very, Near Mint.


A turquoise blue body with a red interior and black three pronged steering wheel. For some reason this colour combination is not listed or shown in the 'Ultimate Spot On' book with its interior colour match. A much more striking combination to a cream/lemon interior. It has a light grey base. The number plates read 'BMP 104'.

Condition. Almost Mint.

Slight rub on chrome headlight and right side does not fit in snug. It still looks like new. Lovely shiny wheels with fresh looking tyres and base. Strong original windscreen. No chipping evident at all.  Nice compete number plates. Superb example.

Box. Very Good-Excellent.

A box with all flaps sealed at one end by tape. At that same end is a part missing from the end flap (see picture). At the descriptive end it is tired and various tears which would warrant some repair if required.


Superb model but complete but tired box.