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Spot-On 191 Sunbeam Alpine Convertible. Issued 1961-66.

£200.00 (Sold out)

Spot-On 191 Sunbeam Alpine Convertible in Blue Issued 1961-66.  Near Mint & Boxed.

A deep sky blue body with a cream/lemon interior and silver three pronged steering wheel. It has a light grey base. The number plates read 'PZL 108'.

Condition. Near Mint.
Overall very nice condition and fresh appearance. A little rubbing down door seams, one tiny nick right side front panel near headlight which does not fit snug and a little rub on top of tail fin same side is about it. Lovely silvering and complete number plates with a solid original windscreen. Wheels, tyres and base very nice.

Box. Excellent Plus-Near Mint.
This is the slightly larger box size but still early type which is complete and strong all round. Just a little ageing only. Nice to have a mint collectors card within and a near mint 'six reasons why' leaflet. Great box and contents.  

A very nice example with an equally nice box.