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Spot-On 193 NSU Prinz 4. Issued 1963-67.

£205.00 (Sold out)

Spot-On 193 NSU Prinz 4. Issued 1963-67.

This example is in beige with a white interior, man at the wheel of a three pronged silver type. The number plates read 'JPO 113.

Condition. Almost Mint.
I can not see any nicks or rubbing, lovely paintwork and I love the wipers and rained on windscreen. A little loss to the rear plate to stop from being mint. The light grey base, wheels and tyres like new with good suspension.

Box. Near Mint.
A very nice picture box showing a green model complete and with tight flaps. Very nice.

Apart from the rear number plate it would be hard to improve. A very presentable item.