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Spot-On 210/1 Morris Royal Mail Mini Van. Issued 1962-64.

£225.00 (Sold out)

Spot-On 210/1 Morris Royal Mail Mini Van. Issued 1962-64.

'An item for sale from the Warwick collection.'

Always popular and a sought after model especially when complete with box and its picture card. The model itself in deep red with a pale lemon interior and suspension. There are complete transfers on each van side for 'Royal Mail. and the 'Royal Crest'.
The picture card is there, incidentally the only card produced showing more than one model on it, and known as a type 4.

Condition. Very Near Mint.
Overall in very nice condition and totally original. Only very minor marks revealed through the pictures. Nice to see the number plates also complete with no damage 'MLP 119'. The suspension works well and it is a model obvious once in hand that it has rarely seen the light of day. Very nice.

Box. Excellent Plus.
A nice box and complete. Generally strong structure though one main flap has been separated and now supported by tape. The end label is complete and clear. Apart from the repaired flap just showing the normal 'Spot-On' box aging. Complete with a very nice collectors card Box folding only.

A great opportunity to obtain a hard to find model in very nice overall condition.