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Spot-On 256 Jaguar Police Car. Issued 1962-64.

£250.00 (Sold out)

Spot-On 256 Jaguar Police Car. Issued 1962-64.

This example always so hard to find in mint condition is in black with a lemon interior and a grey three pronged steering wheel. There are both a driver and passenger. It has a lighter grey base and was not made with suspension. The number plates read 'LXQ 111' There is a mounted 'Police' roof sign.

Condition. Excellent Plus.
The paintwork is near mint with just a few small rubs/marks. Unfortunately the vulnerable roof sign is broken but within the box. I believe a previous attempt to blue this in place has been made. The front number plate is perfect but there is no evidence of a rear plate. The wheels, base and tyres are very good and the model rolls well.

Box. Excellent Plus.
The box is complete with no repairs and fully intact. There is minor wear only.

A hard to find model with no sign damage but other than the broken sign a nice example.