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Spot-On 405 Olive BEA Crew Car & Pilot. Mint.

£160.00 (Sold out)

Spot-On 405 Olive BEA Crew Car & Pilot.Mint. Issued Issued 1967

This late addition to the Spot-On range was only produced for 1 year. Not particularly popular at the time and therefore reasonably accessible but finding complete sets with pilot in nice condition is becoming more uncommon. The car a Vauxhall PB was used with the addition of a pilot and a window box with nice graphics against the back drop.
The car is in  olive with a red interior and white lettering on a red panel transfer on each front door advertising 'BEA'. The car and pilot are still secured to the base therefore pictures were more difficult to take but the model is mint. The number plates read  'DRX 257C'.

Condition. Mint.
A superb example with all content and still firmly secured to the inner base card.

Box Excellent Plus-Near Mint.
The box is complete with all flaps Only a very tiny split is in the cellophane. The box edging is sound. the pilot is still attached to the base card.
The outer window box has a split in the cellophane and one front top edge has parted.All flaps are attached and also the two original loose supporting cards are there for the end of the box to strengthen.

A very nice example.
Very presentable for the cabinet.