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Spot-On Toys 115 Bristol 406

£250.00 (Sold out)

Issued 1959-62

Description & Condition  Very, Near Mint
This Bristol comes in pale silver-green with an off white interior and matching four pronged steering wheel. It has  shiny  hubs, well shaped treaded tyres,  silver trim, fully operating suspension,  & bright clear glazing. There is no front number plate but the rear is complete and reads 'BTW115'. It has the early open axles. I can not see any chips. The rear seating within appears a little high. A lovely model which hints at no lifetime play.

Box   Near Mint
This is a very nice type 1 box with correct pale green end spot. It retains original shape with firm end flaps at both ends with no damage or repairs. Minor marks only with a small edge tear/dent along one side of a main flap. Inside is a very nice collectors card and what appears an original corrugated card circular packing piece. A very nice box indeed.

Superb model and a colour which appears harder to find with the pale interior, usually red. A lovely matching box and card and packing.