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Tekno 819 VW Beetle. Scarce.

£260.00 (Sold out)

Tekno 819 VW Beetle. Scarce.

This is a superb model in deep red with a light green interior. It has the often used white walled tyres and cast wheels with silvered head lamps and the side and tail lights highlighted as are the door handles. It has fully working independent suspension.

Condition. Almost Mint.
The body work is without fault. The white walls have an occasional mark only from mint. One of the nicest Tekno beetles I have seen and hard to find.

Box. Near Mint.
Complete with no damage and retaining bright colour card. The flaps fit nice and snug with no wear. There is a crease along the blue back ground side only.

A  scarce find and wonderful example of this hard to find model. Ideal for the Tekno, VW collector or someone who just likes nice models.