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Tekno 838 Volvo 164. Mint.

£165.00 (Sold out)

Tekno 838 Volvo 164. White.

This Volvo in white with red interior and black steering wheel has opening front doors, bonnet and boot. It has finger tip steering with suspension.
The jewelled headlamps, cast wheels and a black gloss base provides a very attractive model .

Condition. Mint.
This example is in very, near mint condition.  Just minor imperfections and as made. A stunning presentation piece.

Box.  Near Mint.
Complete and with very little wear at all. A really nice strong box. So surprising after all these years the original cellophane is like new and un-broken. Both internal packing and external box are in really nice condition. Minor surface loss only.

A very attractive model ready for display.
Cabinet, or showroom quality.